Delegate to the Institutional, Territorial and International, Universcience (Paris, France)

Sophie has twenty years of experience. His career spans two sectors: human resources management & international cooperation in the scientific, cultural and technological fields. She was previously a member of the French national sailing team for the preparation of the Olympic Games.

After a Masters in Commerce and Management in Grenoble, Sophie worked in cultural institutions – the Paris Opera, Radio France International – and in the medical field – the French Blood Establishment. During these years, she was involved in international cooperation projects.

In 2009, she joined Universcience as Director of Human Resources before the merger between the Palais de la Découverte and the City of Sciences and Industry. She participates in the development of the overall human resources strategy. She steers negotiation, restructuring of recruitment, career development for civil servants and contract employees. Since 2015, after an Executive MBA at the HEC Paris management school, she has been appointed delegate to the institutional, territorial and international sectors of Universcience. It contributes to increasing the reputation of the establishment at national, European and international levels. It strengthens and structures links with the institutional environment of Universcience and the network of cultural centers and institutes across Europe and abroad. It is active with networks formed by European and foreign science centers to promote the development of collaborations and partnerships in France and around the world.

She is in charge of relations with the community of French-speaking countries. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ICOM France (International Council of Museums of France) and ICOMICTOP (International Committee for the Training of Staff in the field of Museums). She is also a member of the National Sports Museum’s strategic committee.