Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis (Tunis, Tunisia)

Doctor in immunogenetics from Pierre et Marie Curie University (France), she was recruited at the Faculty of Sciences in Tunis in 1981 where she taught immunology and molecular genetics. She was a founding member of two research laboratories in the fields of immunopathology (1984) and molecular genetics, immunology and biotechnology (1998). In 2005, she created the laboratory of genetics, immunology and human pathologies which she directed until 2018. This laboratory is interested in genetic diversity in the populations of North Africa, in relation to the history of the establishment and with the epidemiology of multifactorial diseases. She has supervised 50 doctoral theses, published 270 articles with around 2220 citations. In addition to coordinating her laboratory, she also held various positions within her faculty: Director of the Life Sciences Department (3 years), Director in charge of Missions and Training (3 years), Director of the Doctoral School of Life and Earth Sciences (5 years). She is also a permanent member at the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts, Beït al-Hikma (Tunisia). She was also the winner of the 2018 South Shore of the Mediterranean Eurêka Prize. This prize, created in 2017 by the Tunis Science City (CST, Tunisia), the Association of Museums and Centers for the Development of Scientific Culture, Technical and Industrial (AMCSTI, France) and the MED21 Program, rewards actors involved in the promotion of science education and popularization in the Mediterranean.