Oussama SOUIAI

Radio Producer-Host at Radio Med (Tunis, Tunisia)

Oussama is a graduate of the School of Design Science and Technology in the field of fine arts and advertising. His radio career began by learning radio animation methods at Radio Web Méditerranée (Radès), then at Radio 6 where he worked for three years as a host and correspondent, then Webmaster of news websites including the magazine Expert which deals with economic affairs. After that, he worked at Radio Cap FM as a host and programmer for three years. He currently works at Radio Med as a host and producer of social, scientific and artistic programs. He has a daily program in prime time every day from Monday to Friday. It is an early morning entertainment and news program. Three hours a day of music, scientific and educational news and prizes that spread the joy and hope of success to listeners, inside and outside Tunisia, by presenting Tunisian skills, without forget to talk about our history and traditions, and to look to the future.